Meet Allyson Lewis, J.D.


Allyson “Al” Lewis is an educator, social justice advocate, and political organizer committed to making real change in her community. Creating new economic opportunities, youth programs, affordable housing, and protecting our youth and seniors are her top priorities. It is her mission to serve the residents of her hometown, Lakeland, Florida and  continue its rich legacy into the future.

Committed To Serve

Raised by a mother who worked as an Educator for the city, Al learned at an early age the importance of hard work and the demands and rewards of fighting for our most vulnerable community residents.  She dedicates her life in service to marginalized communities throughout the state.

 As an activist, Al confronts issues impacting children, an area she is passionate about. She brings equal determination to fighting for criminal justice reform, stopping gun violence, and ending economic inequality and racial injustice.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Al took action to ensure the most vulnerable community residents in Lakeland had the resources they needed to stay safe and healthy. Al also created a wellness check system for local seniors to ensure they were safe.

During the wake of George Floyd, Al hosted forums “Call to Consciousness” where she gathered Lakeland community residents and local public officials to discuss equitable opportunity and racial issues in the community. Al focused on bridging the gap between the community residents and local public officials to ensure there will be opportunities for all residents in the Lakeland community. Al gathered local law enforcement to discuss harassment and racial profiling with local police officers and the Black residents of Lakeland. Al believes that everyone should  be treated equal, feel safe and protected in the community they reside.  

Al’s champion spirit for children, human rights, women’s rights, and racial equality extends beyond the borders of her home state. 


Al is currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy. She acquired her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Virginia State University and  continued on to obtaining her  Juris Doctorate degree.