Economic Development 

We must diversify the economy with equitable jobs within the city, therefore, it is accessible for all people.

Local  Businesses

My goal is to support all local businesses  and ensure access to capital resources for all of our community residents. Strengthening the vitality of local businesses will allow for them to better leverage opportunities in the community.


Public Safety/Crime

Public Safety should be Public Officials main priority. We must ensure the residents are safe. 

If we want to see a decrease in crime we must start strategically addressing crime that means with data, policy, budget recommendations, reduce a sense of hopelessness and poverty and increase equitable opportunities for all of our residents.   

As Commissioner, I will work closely with law enforcement to ensure fairness and relationship amongst our community residents. For some community residents contingent upon the zip code, more police officers means more harassment and racial profiling. We must address crime and ensure we are building trust amongst our community residents and local law enforcement. 


Affordable Housing

I want to ensure affordable housing is affordable housing. Working 2 or 3 jobs to pay the rent is no way to live nor is renting all your life a way of obtaining wealth. Making 14 out of 150 apartment units affordable is not affordable housing. If we want people to live in the city we must ensure there are affordable homes in the city for the community residents to live. 


Programs for Youth 

“Give the children something to do!”

My goal is to create more entrepreneurship, arts and extracurricular programs for children. Support programs for children afterschool is vital to a child’s growth and it decreases crime.

Programs for Seniors

We must educate our senior citizens to keep them abreast of the latest technology and things that takes places in the community.  Employ and train local youth through youth programs to better educate seniors of fraud trends such as (credit card, cyber crime, mailer scams, etc.) through door-to-door canvassing, phone calls during their school breaks..

Provide funding for Adult Protective Services to protect senior citizens and the disabled in vulnerable situations.